In digital signage content is the king. The first thing that people notice is the content. If a content is bad than all your fancy video walls/screens/totems won't help you out.

In most cases audio is not used so the message should be communicated through text and actions. One of the most common mistakes in digital signage is usage of already available TV commercials and this is complete failure and waste of investment.

Best commercials for digital signage are the ones created and specially designed.

Knowing these facts, our designers can help you communicate your products to the best possible way. Contact us to find out more about our content creation possibilities.

Here are some examples of our digital signage content:

Searching for a simple yet powerful digital signage software?

You are in the right place!

With more than 500 units installed, Real-Digital-Media is one of the leading digital signage companies in Croatia.

Our highly qualified experts are ready to answer all digital signage related requests.

While keeping main focus on digital signage software and hardware, we also offer:

  • integration and system support
  • LFD screens distribution (Samsung and LG)
  • custom screen casing creation and design
  • all types of installations (indroor-outdoor screens,video walls, totems, kiosks etc.) 
  • content creation 
  • creation of advanced solutions all acording-to-clients needs

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