Blitz Cinestar

Blitz Cinestar goes digital covering more than 100 full HD screens and two big 3x3 video walls with Real Digital Signage system.

Quick facts:

  • More than 100 Full HD screens covered
  • Two video walls of 3x3 Professional LG screens, configuration done by Real
  • Players display concession items and pricing
  • Players provide brand building content
  • Players showing movie trailers
  • System is implemented within Cinestar's VPN network
  • All multiplexes are centrally managed with RDS software

Blitz Cinestar is cinema provider with total of 9 multiplexes, 71 theatres, total capacity over 15.000 seats. As the leader in cinema segment, Cinestar is always striving to achieve best customer experience. All cinema lobbies are equipped with dozens of screens playing concession menus, trailers, movie announcements and commercials.

Real Digital Signage is bringing flexibility and easy distribution of commercial content to all Cinestar's screens. Return of investment is easily achieved.

Besides from installing dozen's of screens, Real-Digital-Media, as an LG distributor and partner installed and configured two 3x3 video walls in Arena Zagreb Imax®

CineStar Zagreb, CineStar Novi Zagreb, CineStar Rijeka, CineStar Zadar, CineStar Šibenik, CineStar Split, CineStar Osijek, Cinestar Arena IMAX and CineStar Varaždin are fully covered with Real digital Signage. Multiplex Dubrovnik is in progress and will be soon added to digital signage network.

Searching for a simple yet powerful digital signage software?

You are in the right place!

With more than 500 units installed, Real-Digital-Media is one of the leading digital signage companies in Croatia.

Our highly qualified experts are ready to answer all digital signage related requests.

While keeping main focus on digital signage software and hardware, we also offer:

  • integration and system support
  • LFD screens distribution (Samsung and LG)
  • custom screen casing creation and design
  • all types of installations (indroor-outdoor screens,video walls, totems, kiosks etc.) 
  • content creation 
  • creation of advanced solutions all acording-to-clients needs

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