Our homemade products

RDM LinMaX® Edition

All digital signage you will ever need

Tired of reading hundreds of pages of manuals? The Real solution is here - Simple yet powerful digital signage solution brought to you by Real-Digital-Media.

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Real HIFI edition

Built to withstand extra heat generated by audio amplifiers. Real audio player is manufactured on highly stable Intel platform capable of handling harsh heat conditions.

Unlike video player, audio player can work without attached monitor.Supporting all major audio formats, it is ideal for bringing both music and commercials to your customers.

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Real HD-s Player

Build to meet all your needs, standalone edition is intended for smaller scale digital signage networks without the need of server. While the configuration is cheaper, it is limited to LAN only.

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Real HD-n Player

RealBox HD-n is Built to answer all needs of your digital signage project.

Our smart player can be connected to plasma and LCD monitors, projectors and other media devices. It follows a program schedule to deliver sound, video, images, feeds and text.

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Totem designing and creation

Utilizing the latest standards and technologies, our totems are well designed, slim, good looking, 100%  made in Croatia.

Generally speaking, totems are eye catching as they are positioned at the level of our sight. You cannot miss them. All you have to do is to notice them.

Besides being displays for commercials, they can be a good adition to the overall image of the property where they are positioned.

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Video Wall

With lots of experience in video wall settings, creation, custom engineering – Real-digital-media experts can help you choose optimal video wall configuration to suit your needs.

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The Arena Centar spreads on 175.000 m2, located on the south west entrance to Zagreb. With 10 large shops and with more than 200 middle and small shops it is shopping heaven. It is the most modern commercial/entertaining center in region. The rich offer of new brands, lots of entertainment including Cinestar multiplexes, luxury Gold Class cinema halls, and for the first time in region – IMAX cinema hall.

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